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Use a Cleveland Moving Company Today and Stay Until You’re 105
September 8, 2017
On Thursday, WKYC reported1 upon the passing of a local Cleveland celebrity, 105-year-old Emily Serian, who was known to her family and admirers simply as “Nana.” Nationally recognized as the oldest Cleveland Indians super fan, Nana was the sort of person a Cleveland, Ohio moving company could point to as evidence of the lifelong appeal of living in this city. After more than a century of life, Nana continued to find joy in her home and her favorite sports team. And we like to think that even if she’d lived another hundred years, she would have only grown more impressed with the local community, and more committed to it. As a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we’ve brought a lot of people into the city when they were in the prime of their lives. Some of them we end up helping to move away years later, as life changes and opportunities emerge elsewhere. We’re more than happy to offer these outward-bound relocation services, but we’re always hopeful that when we fill the role of a local moving company, we’re helping people to settle into what will be their home forever. Not everyone can hope to live in Cleveland as long as Nana. But for those who get close to her last milestone, we hope it will be love of the local community that keeps you here until your dying day.  
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