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New Diversity Can Make Cleveland Better
June 24, 2017
Recently, Fox 8 Cleveland ran a story on Maliko Hamadi, a 32-year-old Somali refugee who chose to make Cleveland his home and to become a local police officer after initially being resettled in Wisconsin. Stories like these contribute to the pride we feel as a Cleveland moving company. We have helped an extremely diverse group of people to relocate to the area, and we are eager to continue doing so. We are also hopeful that a great many of those people will go on to make a strongly positive contribution to that community, as Hamadi has. The Fox 8 story indicates that in this case, the person in question had some knowledge of Cleveland that made he believe it would be welcoming while also allowing him to pursue his dreams. That is also a trend we hope to advance, by not only offering our services as a Cleveland moving company but also providing local information that will attract the right people to the area. The “right people” can be any race or religion and can come from any part of the globe. Are Cleveland moving company sees the value that each aspiring resident can bring to our local area.

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