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Moving to Cleveland on a Cold Saint Patrick’s Day
March 17, 2017
Can you imagine moving into a major city on Saint Patrick’s Day? If you’re not part of a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we hope you don’t have to have that experience. But this is not a complaint about the work we have to do at Road Runner Moving. We’re happy to navigate through the crowds and traffic so that you can spend your first day as a resident of the city enjoying the Saint Patrick’s Day Parade, which celebrated its 175th year on Friday. Approximately a quarter of a million people were estimated to be in attendance at that event. And this is in spite of the cold and snowy conditions that have persisted so uncommonly late into the season. If you were moving into the area on the holiday and you decided to put your trust in a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, you’re probably fully aware of the wisdom of that decision by now. Not only did you give yourself the opportunity to experience one of the most famous annual events in your new hometown, you spared yourself the aching fingers and burning lungs that come with moving furniture and heavy boxes in chilly weather. We’d urge anyone to leave that to us if they’re making a move under uncertain conditions, especially on a day like Saint Patrick’s Day. We’re used to the additional strain, and we can think of no better welcome for one of our newest Cleveland neighbors than sparing them from it.

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