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Cleveland, Ohio Moving Company Inspired by Local Sports History
August 25, 2017
From now on, when inclement weather or other obstacles stand in the way of our work as a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we’re going to remind ourselves of the Indians pitcher Ray Caldwell, who was struck by lightning while on the mound 98 years ago, then got up and finished the game. The story appeared on television as a “this day in baseball history” blurb on Thursday, August 24. Then a screenshot went viral on Twitter.1 The tale was also told in more detail by the Society for American Baseball Research.2 We’re not sure whether this is more of a testament to the importance of sports for our town, or to the indomitable spirit of local residents. But as a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we’re more than happy to see it from both these angles. If you’re a sports fan, it’s worth moving here to be a part of the local history. And if you play an important local role, as by helping people relocate within the area, it’s inspiration to letting nothing stop you from finishing the job. The story might also serve as a reminder of an old saying that’s been used in reference to Cleveland: “If you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes.” Maybe even if it knocks you off your feet.
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