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Cleveland Makes Friends of Players and Fans
April 15, 2017
Cleveland is already famous for its sports franchises and, by extension, its fans. Would you be surprised if it also provided those fans with unique opportunities to communicate directly with the players they love? And if it did, how many out of area sports fans would immediately call a Cleveland moving company? It may not be a sign of any general phenomenon, but it’s definitely still interesting that the Indians’ second baseman Jason Kipnis felt comfortable reaching out to fans when he lost a favored piece of equipment. It’s equally meaningful that he was almost immediately rewarded with a white Easton shin guard, which he said he was willing to trade for tickets or memorabilia. The ESPN report on the incident gives no indication of who found the gear or exactly what they got in return. But the exchange surely made Kipnis and his teammates feel closer to the people of Cleveland. And it goes to show that a Cleveland moving company won’t just bring you closer to the action; it will help to make you part of a true community of fans and players.

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