Minimum Wage Hike Might Spur Cleveland Ingress and Exodus
January 24, 2017

As a Cleveland, Ohio moving company, we try to remain above the fray of area politics, although we are interested in highlighting any political developments that might have an impact on local people’s lives.

Cleveland Heights’ High-Class Renovations
January 24, 2017
784 views recently published a “Cool Spaces” feature describing the renovation of a 1927 home in Cleveland Heights. The article is a fascinating depiction of one couple’s labor of love, and in a larger sense it illustrates the enormous appeal…

Have Fun While Someone Else Handles Your Winter Relocation
January 13, 2017

The Cleveland Plain Dealer has reported that the Cleveland Foundation will be offering free ice skating on the Public Square on November 26, to coincide with the return of Winterfest. Admittedly, “winter” can be a scary word in our part of the…